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An all-round hothouse of creativity, Project Officina Creativa is a workshop in which imagination, research and expertise meet, and where serving the big brands in the production cycle of trousers and outerwear transforms into a full working partnership. From the design to the nal creation, from the idea to the nished garment, from the materials to the details, we take care of the prototyping, sampling and production, studying and adopting the most suitable solutions in the development and outsourcing stage. We apply 15 years of experience alongside big brands and fashion houses, as well as passion and familiarity with a sophisticated product, and our ability to interpret, anticipate and propose – the rest is done by the system. Indeed Project Officina Creativa is the beating heart of a consolidated network of companies, workshops and craft businesses that time and again, collection after collection, are entrusted with turning into reality the ideas they receive or propose, shared in each case with the client. Inspiration, vision, culture, experimentation, handicraft and industrial expertise. The best Italian practice in action, from the pencil to the showroom.

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We prefer stories built on our partners. All we make is a story: every cloth, every collection. A mix of stories would be even better. Tell us yours.